May 10th, 2011 by Vade Vallecas

Video poker is a unique online casino games that incorporates the basics of two other popular games: slots and poker. The first version of video poker appeared in the beginning of 80s in the 20th century. It was developed by Fortune Coin Company based in Nevada. The game became extremely popular in a flash. With the development of computer technologies and appearance of new features in video poker, its popularity only increased.

It is not a difficult task to grasp the rules of video poker. It the same with classic variant of Draw Poker. All you need to do is to click a “deal/draw” button, after which the game starts and your cards are dealt.

Your goal in this game is to have the winning hand of five cards. The most important skill here is to know when it is better to hold and discard. The cards that do not suit you will be replaced with others. To polish your gambling skills you can play free games. When you have enough experience, you can start playing for money. But don’t forget about choosing a casino properly, as there are a lot of unreliable and fishy online rooms, where you can lose your money.

It is always better to apply to famous casinos with spotless reputation. They usually offer good bonuses for both new and regular players. To let you have better idea of what this or that online casino is like, we provide you with the reliable data about the most popular ones. We’ll be happy to help you boost your gambling knowledge and find the best places with the largest bonuses for playing online.



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